Friday, 11 April 2014

Blog Evolution

Hello Lovelies! This week I've been on a rather rather lovely adventure with Dennis! We hired a car and went on a road trip through The Alps. I have lots of beautiful pictures to share with you all over the next few days, we saw some pretty magical sights!

For now though I wanted to come by and explain the blog... You may have noticed that over the past few weeks things have been appearing a little different from normal. I've been having a bit of a blog makeover and have been working closely with Dennis to tidy up my blog. To make it more user friendly and (hopefully) more pleasing to the eye.

Spending time working on my blog has given me a chance to not only go through many of my past posts but also notice the change my blog has made over the years. Who remembers when this was my title banner and the whole background was a wave of blue striping that I drew by hand:

The good old days!!! However it does give me a bit of a headache looking back at it, a little on the garish side for the background of my blog!! 

I then moved to a cleaner and very minimal look:

then to my previous title:

and as of this brand new layout!:

I'm really excited about the new layout of my blog, not only because it adds a fresh feel to my little corner of blogland, but because with the new layout comes some exciting new features.
Over the next months I'm hoping to add some new tutorials! I am also developing a "How-to" section, which will be full of helpful hints and tips. Finally the venture I'm most excited about is "The Shop!" After many requests I'm finally taking the plunge and adding a shop to my blog (we will see how that works out...eeeeeek!) and can't wait to see if this goes anywhere.

As for the individual features....
The title bar holds most of the features:
Click on the home button to return to the most recent blogpost, the Homepage of the blog.
A small section I added to the blog to share a little more about myself, so you can get to know me better and delve a little deeper into a world according to me.....Matt.

The tutorials button is a flip down list of the current tutorials that I have available on my blog. 

Click on the individual tutorials to be transported to the page of the particular tutorial:

The shop is coming very soon! A selection of my handmade crafty products that I hope will make for some pretty unique and one of a kind gifts for yourself, family and friends.

Previous posts can be found by clicking on this button, where you will be taken to a page full of my previous blog posts, listed in date order. 

Clicking on the contact page takes you to a fill in contact sheet that gets mailed directly to me. A quick way to get in contact and receive a fast response to your questions or feedback.

That's the title bar explained! As for the rest of the blog....
On the top left hand side you! 
Underneath my little picture you have collection of blog buttons that link to all of the other social media sides you can find me on. Pinterest, Ravelry, Twitter, Instagram, Feedburner, Facebook and the follow me button. 

At the bottom of each post you have a suggestion to other previous blog posts that you may enjoy browsing over.

At the very bottom of the page you have three mini sections:

The first being another link to my Instagram profile, showing you my latest photo uploads and some extra project pictures that are not always included on my blog. 
To the right of that, we have the google translate button:

Click on this to choose which language you want to read my blog in:

Underneath the translate button you have another opportunity to explore my previous posts, click on the dates to explore the drop down box of previous titles.

Finally we have another opportunity to subscribe to my blog. It's full of lots of lovely little pictures guys!!!
WOW!!!! That was a lot of information! I hope I didn't overwhelm you all? I just wanted to clear everything up so nobody gets lost!
I'll be back very soon with some lovely snaps from my recent road trip, also a quick little project I was working on earlier in the week!
Unitll then!!!


  1. Wow. Very professional Matt! Looks lovely.

    I must change my blog banner, it's well overdue a revamp...

  2. Your blog is always lovely, but the typeface is a bit thin and hard to read.

  3. Love the new look - very pretty :-)

  4. You don't have links to your friend bloggers any more? :-(

  5. Great layout!Thanks for explaining everything!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. I think your blog looks gorgeous and I wish you lots of luck and heaps of fun with your new shop.

  7. I like the new layout and I also worked on the image of the blog in recent weeks.Great idea to open a shop and now I can follow you on ig .
    Have a great weekend

  8. Hola Matt, no he podido leer tus entradas porque el traductor no funciona y el google no me deja :(
    igual te envio un saludo muy grande desde el norte de Mexico.

  9. Your blog is already so good... With this changes it will be fenomenal.

  10. Great job on the banner and the organizing. Very user friendly and always, always colorful.

    Got me inspired to fix up my own and organize it just a bit.

    Have a good Sunday.
    Birgitta xx

  11. I looooooooooooooooooooooooove it. I love the new font. And look how adorable you and your new turquoise chair are! So happy.

  12. That looks very nice, so clean and colourful at the same time. Lovely.

  13. Superrbbb !!! :)